I’m Josie, a crafty, creative, and cheap DIYer who finds joy in turning so called useless items into beautiful home decor.

I started ReMake It Happen because I believe, just like every person, every item has a purpose. Sure, it might be a little worse for the wear or a little neglected, but just about any item around the house, at the thrift store, or on the curb can be turned into a repurposed piece that warms your home. Let’s explore how.

I come from a long line of thrifty and talented folk best known for their inability to waste things and dumpster diving. They had a knack for turning trash to treasure. My family tree would be amused to know that such things are now called upcycling, but we’ve been doing it for generations.

Now, as a new homeowner, I apply my waste not want not skills to create a beautiful and comfortable space for me and my loved ones.

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